Monday, January 13, 2014

A dozen ways to use the 27Pinkx pigments

I adore pigments, because of the versatility, that’s why we have added 15 beautiful shades to the 27PINKX range. For those of you who don’t know what a pigment is, it’s a concentrated loose powder, most commonly used for eyes.

We have paired three pigments in each set that complement each other perfectly. They can be worn wet for an intense look and dry for a sheer look. 

Eat your heart out

Just like heaven

Parisian minx

Sparks can fly 

 Tea time

Here are some ways I like using the 27PINKX pigments

1.)   For juicy Va va voom lips - take some clear lip gloss and mix it with a pigment and apply
2.) For funky lashes- mix some pigment with a clear mascara and apply it to your lashes.
  3.) create your own unique nail polish– for a metallic shimmer try mixing your clear nail polish with a pigment.
 4.)Shimmer body lotion- mix your lotion with a gold pigment for a glow, great for legs and arms.
 5.)Hair streaks- Take some hair wax and mix your pigment and run it through your hair. This trick is used on the red carpet!
 7.)Use the pigments as is to highlight your check bones, collar bones and wherever you like.
 8.)Mix a gold or bronze pigment with any blusher spruce it up
 9.)Mix a gold pigment with your foundation for a face illuminator
10.)Dab some on the center of your lip to create a pout.
12.) After you apply your liquid or gel liner tap some pigment over to create a exotic look.

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