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27Pinkx featured in the Times News paper
The 27Pinkx brush set and Brush stand featured in the ROOI ROSE magazine
27Pinkx Just like heaven pigment trio featured in the Grazia Magazine (bottom right)
The 27Pinkx luxury organiser featured in the O magazine (bottom right)

27Pinkx Pigment featured in the People Magazine

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Get Organized with a 27Pinkx Luxury Makeup Organizer

We’ve all been obsessing over clear acrylic makeup organizers since spotting them in celebrity (ahem, Kardashian/Jenner) bathrooms, but I’ve struggled to find one large or appealing enough that I was happy to take home. So I decided to wait this one out for a bit knowing that “my ultimate dream makeup organizer” would someday make it’s appearance.
My @27pinkx luxury organizer arrived today and I have to say the OCD freak in me loves it
My @27pinkx luxury organizer arrived today and I have to say the OCD freak in me loves it
Can you imagine my excitement when I spotted this luxury perspex makeup organiser shared by the gorgeous girls from 27Pinkx on Instagram? Off course you can, right! It is every makeup lovers dream come true. Think ‘GLAM’ darls!

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Does the Beauty Bullet Prove that dynamite comes in small packages?


In all honesty I usually use brushes and my fingers to apply my makeup because I was never a fan of sponges (I find them a little harsh on my skin). That was until I tried the “little black contraption”. The Makeup Bullet has surpassed my thoughts of makeup sponges. Instead of blending with your entire hand which can cause a streaky effect , you’re using your finger which allows for more control, and a smoother finish on your skin. It works great if you’re stippling or blending. Although I don’t contour (on myself that is) with cream based products , I can see how this product would be great to achieve a streak free flawless contour. The small pointy shape is also great for applying makeup around your eye area, and I find myself reaching for The Makeup Bullet every morning now to blend my concealer. I use liquid products but I like the dewy effect so I wet the blender before using it. Some sponges soak up products, but not this one my product is blended into my skin effortlessly in basically half the time it takes me to apply it with a brush (This is a major plus for the ever late me).
It’s hypo-allergenic and latex-free. It’s also reusable.

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How do you store your makeup? Before I was lucky enough to get my hands on this beautiful 27Pinkx acrylic storage unit I used old rubyboxes and those cheap plastic drawer sets from Plastic Land. But those sets are so small and narrow and don't hold a lot of makeup. Can anyone say 'First World Problems'? As we all know I'm a beauty blogger and clearly a bit beauty obsessed, so my makeup hoarding is obviously on another level. *blush*.
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Make Up storage {27 Pinkx}

Hi ladies!

Today I thought I'd share the way I store my make up.  Recently I started using this 27 Pinkx mini organiser (found here) which I think is the perfect way to store your make up.  I've always been that girl with three make up bags and always rummaging through them to find my favourite eyeshadow or make up brush.  I was so happy to pack my make up into this organiser because now I can easily see everything I need and quickly grab whatever it is I may need.  This perspex organiser looks gorgeous on any dressing table and I can't help feeling so impressed with how it has organised my morning make up routine.

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Baked the Blog on 27Pinkx


p11Unfortunately when it comes to beauty I am not as proudly South African as I would like to be. I generally don’t trust affordable or local beauty brands but  must say that 27pinkx has officially changed my outlook! Most of you may know about their incredible beauty organizers (available here) which I am a huge fan of but they also stock great quality hair extensions and beauty products. I brought Saffiyah, our make-up liaison along since she has tons of experience in make-up and asked her to test the product and let me know exactly what she loves about it. Saffiyah works as a professional make up artist in Cape Town at both a high end beauty counter and as a freelancer.  The number one pull factor of the 27 Pinkx range is the eye shadow. Saffiyah explained to me that colour pay off is seriously NB to her when doing eye make up on both shoots and everyday looks. For those who are beauty noobs, colour pay off is basically the amount of shadow that comes off the brush onto your eyelid after just one stroke. Since the brands colour pay off is so great you’re likely to use less shadow when completing your look. Whats really great for me is the fact that shadows come in palettes – creating a diverse colour range for your beauty kit. Check out the rest of what 27Pinkx has to offer by visiting their site.

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27Pinkx High Tea / Event

On Monday the 7th of April beauty editors, beauty bloggers and the likes were treated so the most delicious High Tea at the gorgeous Saxon Hotel. It was a morning filled with copious amounts of tea, decadent treats, beauty talk and being introduced to the luxury brand 27Pinkx.

What is 27Pinkx? 27Pinkx is a brand of exceptional and stylish makeup, makeup storage and tools which are all at super affordable prices. It is owned by two breathtakingly beautiful sisters, Khatija and Anjum, who come from a small town in Limpopo where makeup and makeup artists is a scarce commodity ;) They bring to you a great selection of not only makeup and storage, but also makeup brushes, hair extensions, false eyelashes and skin care products.

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Anybody who loves makeup, pink, glamorous acrylic organizers and cake is going to want to hear about the 27Pinkx Cape Town launch event at the One & Only. I will start off by admitting that I was a little intimidated by the thought of meeting Khatija and Anjum, sisters and owners of 27pinkx, because they are so impeccably glamorous it is a bit frightening. But I was relieved to discover that they are both so sweet and genuinely nice, and I loved the story of now 27Pinkx got its name (one sister’s nickname was Pinkie and the other’s birthday is on the 27th)…
If I try to get the image of the One & Only high tea out of my mind – it’s difficult, I’m a sugar addict – the best thing about the morning was getting the chance to experience the products first hand. The beautiful pink 27Pinkx makeup brushes caught my eye a long time ago, but I was really keen to actually feel them before ordering. I thought they were lovely and very affordable atR420 for a set, the same price of some individual brushes on the market. The palettes are also very well priced at R460 for ten shades, and the shadows beautifully pigmented. Of course the nude palette had me drooling (I’m nothing if not consistent) but the moment of true love was when I discovered the blush, bronzer and highlight palette. Such prettiness. Sigh.

Pink Peonies on the Makeup bullet

The Makeup Bullet is a makeup applicator and blender sponge that fits snugly on the index finger.  I like to use this sponge for blending my undereye concealer, because the tip is just so precise and gets into all the crevices of the face so well.

27Pinkx launches Pink brushes

This 10 Piece brush set has all the brushes you will need . 

27Pinkx Pop-up at Isabelas Pretoria

27Pinkx press launch at the Saxon Hotel in JHB

27Pinkx Press Launch at the One & Only Hotel in Cape Town

Monday, March 17, 2014

Shine bright like a diamond

 Primer: benefit pretty porefect,
Nars Sheer glow foundation. 
 Eyes: 27Pinkx lashes , eyeko skinny mascara , Pret a porter palette from 27Pinkx.
Cheeks 27Pinkx bronzer and blusher (launching soon) for the highlighter on my cheeks I mixed 27Pinkx pigments in burlesque and chai.
  Lips: cayenne pepper from the 27Pinkx sugar and spice lip palett

Sunday, March 2, 2014

27Pinkx featured by Glamour South Africa

Die makeover waarvan jy maklik vergeet

’n Perfekte oplossing as jou laaie nog soos iets uit ’n rilfliek lyk, is die 27pinkxs produkte. Dit is ontwerp deur Khatija Ahmed, ’n Pretoriaanse skoonheidsblogger wat haar grimering beter wou organiseer. Haar reeks 27pinkxs het ’n rakkie om lipstiffies in te sit (R300) en twee groot laaikassies met aparte kompartemente sodat jy ooggrimering, onderlaag en jou blossers apart kan hou (vanaf R1 180). Al die kassies is stewig en deursigtig sodat dit lank hou en jy dadelik kan sien wat binne elke laai is, sonder dat jy angstig hoef te grawe as jy iets spesifiek soek. 27pinkxDan is daar die luukse Vanity stand spieël (R3 580). Die spieël is groterig – soos ’n mediumgrootte TV-skerm. Wat dit regtig oulik maak is dat dit liggies reg rondom het sodat jy jou grimering kan doen met perfekte, eweredige beligting reg van 

27Pinkx makeup storage by Secrets and Stilettos

As a beauty product reviewer, it’s my job to look at both the pros and cons. Alas, I’m still hunting for the cons. The organizer is nothing short of perfect. Here’s why it meets my checklist, and how I’m putting mine to use!
  • Bottom drawer is bigger- perfect for foundation storage
  • Ideal size overall
  • Packaged safely- no damages
  • Full drawers can be pulled to their maximum length without the drawer falling out
  • 360′ view of inside
  • lightweight
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Store your makeup! By Stylescoop

Makeup junkies, listen up! If you’ve been looking for the ultimate way to store your makeup, we’ve found the perfect solution! And if you’re a fan of the Kardashians, you’ve probably seen the sisters’ amazing clear makeup storage boxes and like me, have been hunting for one?

Well, acrylic makeup organizers are now available to us in SA thanks to 27Pinkx. The lovely Khatija sent me one of these awesome acrylic makeup drawers to review and I am in love with it. It’s amazing just how much makeup can fit inside while still looking pretty and organized, but most importantly, ensuring everything is easily accessible. To read more Click here

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A dozen ways to use the 27Pinkx pigments

I adore pigments, because of the versatility, that’s why we have added 15 beautiful shades to the 27PINKX range. For those of you who don’t know what a pigment is, it’s a concentrated loose powder, most commonly used for eyes.

We have paired three pigments in each set that complement each other perfectly. They can be worn wet for an intense look and dry for a sheer look. 

Eat your heart out

Just like heaven

Parisian minx

Sparks can fly 

 Tea time

Here are some ways I like using the 27PINKX pigments

1.)   For juicy Va va voom lips - take some clear lip gloss and mix it with a pigment and apply
2.) For funky lashes- mix some pigment with a clear mascara and apply it to your lashes.
  3.) create your own unique nail polish– for a metallic shimmer try mixing your clear nail polish with a pigment.
 4.)Shimmer body lotion- mix your lotion with a gold pigment for a glow, great for legs and arms.
 5.)Hair streaks- Take some hair wax and mix your pigment and run it through your hair. This trick is used on the red carpet!
 7.)Use the pigments as is to highlight your check bones, collar bones and wherever you like.
 8.)Mix a gold or bronze pigment with any blusher spruce it up
 9.)Mix a gold pigment with your foundation for a face illuminator
10.)Dab some on the center of your lip to create a pout.
12.) After you apply your liquid or gel liner tap some pigment over to create a exotic look.