Friday, October 10, 2014

Baked the Blog on 27Pinkx


p11Unfortunately when it comes to beauty I am not as proudly South African as I would like to be. I generally don’t trust affordable or local beauty brands but  must say that 27pinkx has officially changed my outlook! Most of you may know about their incredible beauty organizers (available here) which I am a huge fan of but they also stock great quality hair extensions and beauty products. I brought Saffiyah, our make-up liaison along since she has tons of experience in make-up and asked her to test the product and let me know exactly what she loves about it. Saffiyah works as a professional make up artist in Cape Town at both a high end beauty counter and as a freelancer.  The number one pull factor of the 27 Pinkx range is the eye shadow. Saffiyah explained to me that colour pay off is seriously NB to her when doing eye make up on both shoots and everyday looks. For those who are beauty noobs, colour pay off is basically the amount of shadow that comes off the brush onto your eyelid after just one stroke. Since the brands colour pay off is so great you’re likely to use less shadow when completing your look. Whats really great for me is the fact that shadows come in palettes – creating a diverse colour range for your beauty kit. Check out the rest of what 27Pinkx has to offer by visiting their site.

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