Friday, October 10, 2014

Post by Mother City Mom

Anybody who loves makeup, pink, glamorous acrylic organizers and cake is going to want to hear about the 27Pinkx Cape Town launch event at the One & Only. I will start off by admitting that I was a little intimidated by the thought of meeting Khatija and Anjum, sisters and owners of 27pinkx, because they are so impeccably glamorous it is a bit frightening. But I was relieved to discover that they are both so sweet and genuinely nice, and I loved the story of now 27Pinkx got its name (one sister’s nickname was Pinkie and the other’s birthday is on the 27th)…
If I try to get the image of the One & Only high tea out of my mind – it’s difficult, I’m a sugar addict – the best thing about the morning was getting the chance to experience the products first hand. The beautiful pink 27Pinkx makeup brushes caught my eye a long time ago, but I was really keen to actually feel them before ordering. I thought they were lovely and very affordable atR420 for a set, the same price of some individual brushes on the market. The palettes are also very well priced at R460 for ten shades, and the shadows beautifully pigmented. Of course the nude palette had me drooling (I’m nothing if not consistent) but the moment of true love was when I discovered the blush, bronzer and highlight palette. Such prettiness. Sigh.

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