Friday, October 10, 2014

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Does the Beauty Bullet Prove that dynamite comes in small packages?


In all honesty I usually use brushes and my fingers to apply my makeup because I was never a fan of sponges (I find them a little harsh on my skin). That was until I tried the “little black contraption”. The Makeup Bullet has surpassed my thoughts of makeup sponges. Instead of blending with your entire hand which can cause a streaky effect , you’re using your finger which allows for more control, and a smoother finish on your skin. It works great if you’re stippling or blending. Although I don’t contour (on myself that is) with cream based products , I can see how this product would be great to achieve a streak free flawless contour. The small pointy shape is also great for applying makeup around your eye area, and I find myself reaching for The Makeup Bullet every morning now to blend my concealer. I use liquid products but I like the dewy effect so I wet the blender before using it. Some sponges soak up products, but not this one my product is blended into my skin effortlessly in basically half the time it takes me to apply it with a brush (This is a major plus for the ever late me).
It’s hypo-allergenic and latex-free. It’s also reusable.

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